The installation consists of two parts; an interface and an application interpreting the incoming data from the movement of the hammock and animating the text material. The interface consists of a hammock, whose movements is traced by a custom-made hardware interface - no bitmap-tracking, just plain and obvious mechanics: A computer mouse is deconstructed and again new constructed, instead of a ball, there is a twine going through… An application then translates in real time the hammock's movement into animated type. The interface reads the amplitude and frequency of your movement in the hammock. With that interface the user is also able to follow the mechanic of the movement. The hardware components are simple, plain mechanics. The visibility of this simplicity is part of the aesthetics of the installation.

hammock (for 1-3 persons), mouse construction (common usb mouse) /twine, projector, computer (apple G4 notebook), projection screen, one or more persons

director-lingo-programming, text (interviews and own written states), pixel-exact font

The hardware components/materials are chosen purposefully pure, the installation shall quickly be assembled; in this way the mobility-thought in the work is been supported. Installation space: minimum 5 m high by 10 m long and 6 m wide. Light condition: Projected letters on a screen shall be readable.