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  • susanne_schuricht0

    Corpus 07, cabanon, 2020
    photo: Jens Komossa

  • susanne_schuricht22

    Corpus 07, cabanon, 2019/20, Corpus 03, chapel, 2008

  • susanne_schuricht20

    Corpus 02, tower, 2015
    Extended Compositions, Centre d'art Pasquart, 2017

  • susanne_schuricht13n

    Corpus 02, tower, 2015
    123cm x 123cm x 200cm, MDF, black stain

  • susanne_schuricht15a

    View through Corpus 02, tower - No. 2
    Photography , 2016

  • susanne_schuricht15b

    View through Corpus 02, tower - No. 1
    Photography , 2016

  • susanne_schuricht13a

    Corpus 02, tower, 2015
    Room In Room exhibition, Grüntuch Ernst Lab, photo: Jan Bitter

  • susanne_schuricht6

    Corpus 05, 2011
    125cm x 125cm x 202cm, mixed material

  • susanne_schuricht6b

    Corpus 05, 2011
    Mecklenburgische Festspiele, Gutshaus Knoefel 2011

  • susanne_schuricht7

    Frontpages No. 23, 2010
    Newspaper, paint

  • susanne_schuricht8

    Frontpages No. 35, 2011
    Newspaper, paint

  • susanne_schuricht5

    Corpus 04, Belvedere, Venice 2009
    190cm x 190cm x 240cm, Makrolon, mixed material

  • susanne_schuricht12

    Framing 01, blanks, New York 2009
    photo: Ian Tong, edited by Susanne Schuricht

  • susanne_schuricht18

    Thru Boxes transformed, 2009
    photo: Marc Räder

  • susanne_schuricht15

    01 Turbine Hall - Tate Modern, London 2008

  • susanne_schuricht4

    View out of Corpus 01, double room
    Photography, Arnsberg 2008

  • susanne_schuricht3

    Corpus 01, double room, Kunstverein Arnsberg 2008
    245cm x 145cm x 163cm, wood, lacquer, wax

  • susanne_schuricht2

    View into open green spaces out of Corpus 01, double room
    Photography, Berlin 2007

  • susanne_schuricht6c

    Corpus 01, double room, Berlin 2007
    photo: Michael Reitz

  • susanne_schuricht1

    Corpus 01, double room, Berlin 2007
    245cm x 145cm x 163cm, wood, lacquer, wax

  • susanne_schuricht17neu

    Rectangular 01,, 2008
    Barnimkante, Berlin 2009, installationview, photo: Jan Bitter

  • susanne_schuricht16b

    When it gets dark, Japan 2008
    Barnimkante, Berlin, 2009, installation view, photo: Jan Bitter

  • susanne_schuricht9

    Burj Flavin-Tatlin, series In the Night, 2006

  • susanne_schuricht10

    Without Title, series In the Night, 2006

  • susanne_schuricht11

    Without Title, series In the Night, 2006

  • susanne_schuricht24

    freequent traveller, 2002
    ParticipART (PDC 06) Participatory Design and ART
    MART Museum of Modern Art, Rovereto, Italy 2006

  • susanne_schuricht20b

    Linebirds, 2001
    video still

  • susanne_schuricht21b

    Finalklein, 2000
    video still

Exhibitions / selection

September 09 - 13, 2020 Berlin Art Week
March 7, 2020 Re-visited III at Never Apart. Frames and Pictures by the Brücke Artists, Brücke Museum Berlin
Video excerpt of Re-visited III, Limitation, Perspective and Cutout, visual presentation and interactive intervention
April 7 - June 11, 2017, Extended Compositions, Kunsthaus Centre d'art Pasquart, Biel, Switzerland
December 14, 2016 - February 24, 2017 Paessaggio Futuro, Finanza & Futuro, Milan, Italy
June 2016 "Kunst am Bau", public art - invited realisation competition Walden 48, Berlin
July 17, 2015 - May 21, 2016 Initiator /curator of the exhibition series Room In Room, Grüntuch Ernst Lab Berlin
October 29, 2015 - January 29, 2016 Torino-Incontra Berlino, German Bank, Turin, Italy
October 30 - January 09, 2015-2016 Under Construction Berlin, Gallery Opere Scelte, Italy
July 2 - August 29, 2015 Dear Darkness exhibition, Michael Fuchs Galerie, Berlin, Germany
May 1 - 3, 2015 Gallery Weekend Berlin, Private Collections, Germany
June 26 - September 13, 2014 Gallery Opere Scelte, Turin, Italy
September 20 + 21, 2013 Berlin Art Week, Berlin, Germany
October 20 + Nov. 3, 2012 European Month of Photography, Berlin, Germany
September 2012 - December 2016 Burj Flavin-Tatlin at Photography collection Arthur de Ganay, Berlin, Germany
July 22 - October 3, 2011 Knoefel & Friends, Mecklenburgische Festspiele, Germany
April 14 - August, 2011 ORBE, Museum MUCA Roma, Mexico City, Mexico
August 27 - October 2, 2010 finalklein at Media Facades Festival Europe, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, Germany
November 18, 2009 - November 15, 2010 Rectangular 01 + When it gets dark / Barnimkante, Berlin, Germany
June 4 - November 22, 2009 Détournement Venise, evento collaterale alla 53. Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte,
Fare Mondi / Making Worlds, Venezia, Italy
August 25, 2009 Framing 01 at Exhibition, Temporary Art Space, 211 Elizabeth Street in New York, USA
March 13 - April 20, 2009 Emergency Room Project, Palazzo Delle Arti Napoli, PAN, Italy
November 30 - December 21, 2008 Kunstverein Arnsberg / Jahresgaben, Germany
October 3 - 8, 2008 Urban Screens Melbourne, Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia
November 15 - 30, 2008 Wanakio Grant, Maejima Art Center MAC, Okinawa, Japan
July 18 - August 31, 2008 Corpus 01, double room at Kunstverein Arnsberg, Germany
May 08 - 29, 2008 SOS-Kunststück, Osramhöfe, Berlin, Germany
December 01, 2007 - March 1, 2008 Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture,
Burj Flavin-Tatlin within the room of The GULF - OMA / AMO presentation, Shenzhen, China
October 29 - November 30, 2007 Kunsthalle Berlin-Lichtenberg, Germany
September 2007 TrampolineUK at Royal Centre, Nottingham; Derby Big Screen; Phoenix Arts Centre, UK
July 20 - August 04, 2007 Niveaualarm Innsbruck, Kunstraum Innsbruck, Austria
July 2007, Intervention: Personal Project in Public Space, Corpus 01, double room, Tiergarten Berlin
May 2007 Sneak Preview, Corpus01, double room at Galerie Gillian Morris, Berlin, Germany
February 2007 Emergency Room Project, P.S.1 / MoMA, New York, USA
February 2007 Tangible And Embedded Interaction Conference (TEI 07), Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
August 2 - 6, 2006 Freequent Traveller at ParticipART, MART, Museum of Modern Art of Trento and Rovereto, Italy
2006 Experimentdays '06, organized by Experimentcity, Berlin, Germany
2005 kaitusburi, music video created with Sascha Pohflepp, music: Mieko Shimizu, Robert Lippok, Barbara Morgenstern
2005 Web Biennial (WB05), Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, iS.CaM, Turkey
2005 Refresh Conference, Banff, Canada and Netart versus Web Art, Telemar Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
2002 - 2003 finalklein at U3 Corporate Culture: Art, Plastics and Recycling exhibition, Potsdamer Platz Berlin, Germany
2002 between the eyes, Play gallery for still and motion pictures in Berlin, Germany
2002 tokyostories, the International competition Viper Festival, Basel, Switzerland
2002 finalklein at Tokyo Homebase, projectspace, Tokyo, Japan
2002 Presentation of the buckymap puzzle at during the Buckminster Fuller - Your Private Sky, Japan Tour:
Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura, Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, Nagoya, Watari-Um Tokyo
2001 Exhibition of the buckymap puzzle at Buckminster Fuller - Your Private Sky exhibition, Bauhaus Dessau, Germany

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2003, MA at the University of the Arts Berlin (UdK Berlin)
1991 - 1994, Studies in History of Arts at the Technical University Berlin (TU-Berlin)
1993 - 1996, Restoration of Paintings at the Department for historic preservation in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany
and Restoration of Photography at the Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany

Susanne Schuricht (2003, MA University of Arts Berlin) is a Berlin based artist, working primarily in architectural installations and photography. Her artworks deal with the framing of perspective and the creation of a visual excerpt from the surrounding context, in the conscious pause in order to perceive. In many of here installations the human scale and interaction are relevant. Her work has been shown and published interdisciplinary in the international art scene, but also at architectural biennials and scientific conferences. Selected exhibitions include Extended Compositions at Centre d'art Pasquart, Switzerland; Torino-Incontra Berlino, Deutsche Bank Turin, Italy; ORBE, Museum MUCA Roma, Mexico City; 53rd Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte – La Biennale di Venezia; PAN, Palazzo Delle Arti Napoli, Italy; Kunstverein Arnsberg, Germany; Shenzhen-Hongkong Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture, China; MoMA P.S.1, New York, USA; Mart Museum Rovereto, Italy, Bauhaus Dessau, Germany. Recent reference in the publication of Karsten Schubert “Körper Raum Oberfläche”, Gebrüder Mann Verlag.

From July 2015 - May 2016 she co-initiated and curated the Room In Room exhibition series at Grüntuch Ernst Lab, which spanned a conceptual bridge from architecture to architecture-related art. Her artworks are part of collections worldwide.

Susanne Schuricht

Susanne Schuricht

The slideshow presents a selection of artworks.
A full portfolio can be sent on request.

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