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Interaction takes place between viewer and image by means of a projective imagination.

The work linebirds by Susanne Schuricht shows a surface divided into equal rectangles. Each of the rectangles displays the same film. The film is played asynchronously, which means that each individual film sequence begins marginally earlier or later than the others. As the film continues the impressions start to merge, constituting a moving pattern configuration. We perceive a black and a white kind of shadow-line in slow and fast movements, dividing space, communicating. They remind moving birds, curtains, paper – but never reveal their origin – and finally dissolve into blankness. linebirds is inspired by the Japanese expression "ma".

"Ma" (negative space) is a Japanese word which can be roughly translated as "gap", "space", "pause" or "the space between two structural parts." The spatial concept is experienced progressively through intervals of spatial designation. In Japanese, ma, the word for space, suggests interval. It is best described as a consciousness of place, not in the sense of an enclosed three-dimensional entity, but rather the simultaneous awareness of form and non-form deriving from an intensification of vision. Ma is not something that is created by compositional elements; it is the thing that takes place in the imagination of the human who experiences these elements. Therefore ma can be defined as experiential place understood with emphasis on interval. [1]

linebirds is the more abstract and tranquil answer to the former very lively and organic video work called finalklein. It is based on the same structure like finalklein.

Screenings (selection)
2007 with TrampolineUK at Royal Centre, Nottingham; Derby Big Screen; Phoenix Arts Centre, UK
2007 nomination by, Series "Le Detail -The Detail"
2006 at "AIR Terminal", exhibition of Contemporary Art, Lecce, Italy
2005 interruption 2, as part of the futuresonic festival in Manchester, UK
2005 MAF05, New Media Arts Festival in Bangkok, Thailand
2005 nominated for the Web Biennial (WB05) at the Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, iS.CaM, Turkey
2005 Version 05: Invincible Desire in Chicago, Illinois
2005 Refresh Conference, Banff, Canada
2005 Netart versus Web Art, Telemar Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
2003 U3 Corporate Culture: Art, Plastics and Recycling exhibition, Potsdamer Platz Berlin, Germany
2002 Tokyo Homebase, Tokyo, Japan
2002, presentation at the Opening of Sehsüchte, International Film Festival Berlin, Germany

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